A Message from Captain Larry

Hi! I’m Captain Larry Hartmann. I'm a licensed 100-ton operator and have been involved with the ocean for over 40 years.

I started dolphin and whale-watching eight years ago. For the last few years, I’ve shown tens of thousands of people some of the amazing marine wild life that lives right off our coast. I made two movies “7 miles from Newport Beach” and “7 miles from Dana Point” illustrating all the species of whales, dolphins, sea lions, sharks, birds and other marine species that live right in our back yard.

My experience and knowledge of our coastal waters affords me the opportunity to provide my guests with close-ups of such magnificent animals as a 90 foot blue whale, a 70 foot fin whale, our migratory gray whales, acrobatic humpback whales, occasional sightings of orcas and huge pods of dolphins.

Many times as I am leaving Newport Beach harbor even before entering the open ocean, I will have whales and dolphins already in my sights or know there whereabouts! I truly believe that waters off of Orange County, California have the best dolphin and whale and watching anywhere in the world and it's always within easy reach. Many of my guests love to discuss and learn why this is so.

Part of my experience includes, for years, running dolphin and whale-watching trips on large boats that carried in excess of 100 people; Many of my guests have commented that being in such close proximity to these beautiful animals literally was a life-changing moment for them.

Although this experience was enjoyable, I decided that a custom, almost one on one venue, is what I wanted. Discovery is the answer!

Limited to six passengers, the vessel affords easy maneuvering both inside and outside the vessel. There is plenty of space so that all of our guests are afforded an excellent view of the animals – it is never crowded! The boat’s size and speed lend to up-close viewings from multiple angles, and the flexibility to travel farther and spend more time with the animals. I will do everything I can to share my knowledge and experience with you to provide you with the trip of a lifetime.

Looking forward to seeing you aboard Discovery soon!

Larry Hartmann, e-mail: captainlarryadventures@gmail.com

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DISCLAIMER: Discovery cannot guarantee the presence of marine animals on any cruise. These animals are in the wild, and we of course cannot guarantee or even predict their behavior. We will try our very best to maneuver the vessel into the best position for great viewing and photography.

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