Whale Watching

Observing these magnificent creatures as part of a six-person adventure, in a fast boat that rides low to the water, creates a unique viewing and educational opportunity for your party.

This adventure will be the most unique, exclusive, educational and inclusive of any in the world. To our knowledge, this boat has the ability to go farther and faster then any vessel on the west coast creating more sightings, longer interactions with the animals, and a much more up-close and personal experience.

As you begin your exclusive cruise, we head out to the open ocean by transiting the harbor, a beautiful and stunning locale! Once outside the harbor look out!!! Huge pods of dolphins love to come by and “check us out!” Typically the larger whales are within seven miles of the harbor.

Depending on the season (whale-watching is year-round) you might have an up-close encounter with a blue whale, a chance to follow the Pacific gray whale, check out a fin whale, and from time to time see a humpback whale and we always get to see the sea lions.

Every year we also see the awesome orcas that pass through our coastal waters.

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DISCLAIMER: Discovery cannot guarantee the presence of marine animals on any cruise. These animals are in the wild, and we of course cannot guarantee or even predict their behavior. We will try our very best to maneuver the vessel into the best position for great viewing and photography.

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